Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts………..

I've got "heart" fever.  Can you tell?  

There are so many fantastic heart patterns to choose from, but two recently published patterns caught my eye.

The first one "Boho Hearts" by Cherry Heart.  I just about died when I saw these pretty little hearts! I knew I had to make them right away.

The second one is by Pattern Piper Crochet.  A beautiful granny style heart.  I added a simple single crochet, ch 1 edging around this heart pattern.

I rounded out my heart making with this lovely, simple heart by Crochet Leaf.  With this pattern I added a single crochet edge.

Do you have a favorite heart pattern?   

In the meantime, 
I have big plans for these hearts, so stay tuned……

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