Friday, September 5, 2014

let's try this blogging thing again…...

Squares for my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 Project.  
 I used a 5 mm hook and Drops Paris yarn.

Sorry for disappearing on you for these past few months.  Life with four kids and a dog is kinda hectic, which makes blogging really hard to accomplish.

So,  I decided I'm going use my blog to photo journal my crochet work with minimal writing but, if you ever have any questions about my work please comment or email me.  I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vintage Pot Holders

So, after battling a stomach virus, an upper respiratory infection and a hair line fracture on my tailbone this past month, I was finally able to do some crocheting. 

I found these vintage potholders to be the perfect project to get back into my crochet groove.

I got the patterns for these beautiful potholders from the book Creative Makers: Simple Crochet by Sara Sinaguglia.  A beautiful book filled with so many lovely projects that I can't wait to work up.

Have you been working on any new projects? 
I would love to see them.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lacey Doily Rug

I wanted to make my two younger daughters a crochet rug for their room. 
So, I worked up this beautiful doily style rug using lace yarn.  I love the texture the lace yarn adds to the rug.

My own pattern that I made up as I went along.  

To make it extra girly & pretty, I added a ruffle edge at the end. 

Nothing prettier than lace & ruffles.

Have you ever made a crochet rug?
 I have to say they are extremely fun & addicting to make.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Organic Heart Washcloth

I was lucky enough to test this pattern for the lovely Jessica from Sunny Stitching.  It's a fantastically written pattern, that's easy to follow and quick to work up.  Did I mention it's free?  

I used Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton yarn in Spice, Olive, & Almond for this set.
The softness of this yarn is unbelievable, perfect for delicate skin.

Little heart appliqu├ęs just to add to the cuteness!

Do you have someone you need to make a quick gift for?
Make these!  I promise you are going to love it & so is your recipient. 

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Pretty Little Heart Bunting

Remember all those pretty hearts I made?

Well I used them to make this pretty little bunting.

I found scraps of beautiful Liberty of London fabric that I had in my stash and tied them in between my hearts.  I just love the way it looks with all my little crochet hearts.

I made my bunting string using worsted yarn and at every ch 20 attaching a heart with a slip stitch or tying on a scrap of that pretty fabric.

Did you work up anything for Valentine's Day? Any big plans? 
This lucky gal gets to see her favorite band, Kings of Leon.  
Probably my 
Hope yours is too!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts………..

I've got "heart" fever.  Can you tell?  

There are so many fantastic heart patterns to choose from, but two recently published patterns caught my eye.

The first one "Boho Hearts" by Cherry Heart.  I just about died when I saw these pretty little hearts! I knew I had to make them right away.

The second one is by Pattern Piper Crochet.  A beautiful granny style heart.  I added a simple single crochet, ch 1 edging around this heart pattern.

I rounded out my heart making with this lovely, simple heart by Crochet Leaf.  With this pattern I added a single crochet edge.

Do you have a favorite heart pattern?   

In the meantime, 
I have big plans for these hearts, so stay tuned……

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Put A Little Love in Your Heart" Leg Warmers

"Put A Little Love in Your Heart" Leg Warmers for toddlers

I was inspired by these cute leg warmers.  After searching high & low for a pattern for my little one, I decided to make them myself. 
I really love the way the came out and the color combinations are endless!  
They're super quick to work up and use a small amount of yarn.  

This is how a made them:

With an H (5.0mm) hook,  worsted yarn, dk yarn for Heart

bottom ribbed section
row 1: I used the foundation single crochet method with a total of 5 stitches.  you could also ch. 6 & sc in 2nd ch from hook & each ch across (5sc) 
rows 2-27: turn, ch 1, working in back loops only, sc in each sc across. (5sc at end of each row)
main section
row 28: ch 2, work 27 dc evenly spaced along edge. (27dc)
row 29: turn, ch 2,  dc in each dc (27dc)

row 30-32: repeat row 29. (27dc at end of each row)
row 33: turn, ch 2, dc in the next 13 stitches, change color, dc 1, change color, dc in the last 13 stitches. (27dc)
row34: turn, ch 2, dc in the next 12 stitches, change color, dc 3, change color, dc in the last  12 stitches. (27dc)
row 35: turn, ch 2, dc in the next 11 stitches, change color, dc 5, change color dc in the last 11 stitches. (27dc)
row 36: turn, ch 2, dc in the next 10 stitches, change color, dc 7, change color dc in the last 10 stitches. (27dc)
row 37: turn, ch 2, dc in the next 9 stitches, change color, dc 9, change color dc in the last 9 stitches. (27dc)
row 38: repeat row 37. (27dc at end of each row) 
row 39: turn, ch 2, dc in the next 9 stitches, change color, dc in the next 4, change color, dc 1, change color, dc in the next 4, change color, dc in last 9 stitches. (27dc)
row 40: repeat row 29
top ribbed section:
row 41: turn, ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch down, slip stitch into first dc. (5sc)
row 42: turn, ch 1, working in back loops only, sc in each sc across (5sc) 

row 43: turn, ch 1, working in back loops only, sc in each sc across, slip stitch in next 2 dc 

row 44-69: repeat rows 42 & 43. 
fasten off & leave a long tail.
using tail of yarn whipstitch the piece together.
weave in ends.

Project: Put A Little Love in Your Heart Leg Warmers
Pattern: Put A Little Love in Your Heart Leg Warmers
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in pagoda & Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK in Merlot

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vintage Shell Stitch Baby Hat

I love baby hats.  I must have over 30 different patterns for them. Although, my little one is not a baby anymore (insert sniffles here) I still find myself crocheting a ton of them.  Sometimes, they are for gifts and sometimes it is just to try a new yarn or pattern.  I find that baby hats take a minimal amount of time and yarn which is perfect when I am looking for a quick project to work up.
What small crochet projects do you like to work up when you are short on time?

For this hat I used Crochet My Love Designs Shell Earflap Hat pattern.  I omitted the earflaps and just added the ties.  The yarn is Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in the Spice color.  I love the the texture of this yarn and works up beautifully!  It is soft & organic, perfect for those newborn heads.  The flowers are clip ons that I found at H&M.  

Project: Vintage Shell Stitch Baby Hat
Pattern: Shell Stitch Earflap Pattern by Crochet My Love Designs
Yarn: Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in Spice

Sunday, January 19, 2014

In the Mood this Year to Crochet a Blanket

I decided this is the year to make my first full size blanket.  So, I was so excited when I saw some of my favorite crochet bloggers on instagram sharing a new project they were joining.  The Crochet Mood  Blanket started by Stacey on instagram is a an awesome crochet along project in which you choose colors to match your mood that day and create a granny square to reflect it.  You can either make a square a day to give you 365 squares that will work up a large blanket or you can make a square a week for 52 squares and that will work up a small blanket.

I started with the squares above but have already begun working on a new square pattern & colors.  This is one of the reasons I love this project, the possibilities are endless.

So, are you going to join? 
 It's really fun and if you are on instagram the support you get from fellow crocheters is amazing!

Yarn: Drops Paris